what we do

Here’s a quick look at some past projects.

how we do it

Every home begins as just an idea.

Initial Meeting

This is the classic first date. We're both asking ourselves "are we a good fit? is this person fun? do we want the same things?" A good home can only come from good relationships. So that's where we start.

Design it

We believe thoughtfulness brings the best work. Our goal during the design phase is to find the best solutions for your budget. We listen, we don't rush. We make a plan we can commit to, cost-wise and schedule-wise.                                          .

Build it!

The physical craft of building is the most fun part for us. We are hands-on, everyday, pouring concrete, framing walls, building cabinets, laying tile, installing mojo. And when we're done, our clients are glad they chose us. Ask them.

who we are

Josh Bogle

carpenter, designer, green building consultant and teacher, husband, guitar player

Kenji Wright

carpenter, tile-layer, perfectionist, fisherman, husband, father, gardener

Carrie King

Office goddess, sounding board, King household home-schooling teacher of the year


This season's Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Homes seminar series kicks off Thursday, Sept 12th, 2013!



Every 2nd Thursday through April 10th, 2014


The University of Idaho’s Integrated Design Lab, 306 S. 6th St Boise, ID 83702


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9/12 | The Economics of Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Homes
 Presenter Steve Howe explores the costs & benefits of building sustainably.
10/10 | Net Zero Homes: How they’re built & operated
Presenters Jake Dunn & Paul Hoffman detail trends in net-zero building.
11/14 | Wall Systems: Five envelopes compared
Presenter Josh Bogle walks us through the pros/cons of five building types.
12/12 | Q&A Builder’s Panel: Building science and the well built home
A panel discussion including Josh Bogle, Scott Flynn, M. A. Goldy, Mark Hixson & Paul Hoffman
1/9/ | Home Design for passive (Solar) heating & cooling
Steve Howe returns to coach us on how to design for optimal use of Boise sun.
2/13 | Windows & blinds: let it in, keep it out
Josh & Steve team up to dive deeper into the products that facilitate passive solar design.
3/13 | Solar Design for P.V. and hot water
Solar guy Steve Howe guides us through the ins & outs of solar panel design & installation.
4/10 | Sustainable Products Evaluation
Suzie Hall will be discussing the best sustainable countertops, floors, paints, etc.

COST: $10 per seminar or $50 for the 9 part series. Half price for Snake River Alliance members.

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3116 W. Jordan St. Boise, ID 83702